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Work-Related Stress

Mind and Wellness Counselling Services provides EAP Counselling. Please call to find out if we offer services through your EAP Provider.

Stress can be defined as "the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them" (Health and Safety Executive).

Many employees are unwilling to talk about stress at work because of the stigma that it can hold. However, to experience stress is not a weakness and it can happen to anyone.

A change in the way you usually act can be a sign of stress, for example you may:

  • take more time off
  • arrive for work later
  • be more twitchy or nervous

A change in the way you think or feel can also be a sign of stress, for example:

  • mood swings
  • being withdrawn
  • loss of motivation, commitment and confidence
  • increased emotional reactions – being more tearful, sensitive or aggressive

If you are feeling signs of stress at work, it is important to talk to someone, for example, a colleague or your manager. If you talk to them as soon as possible, it will give them the chance to help prevent the situation from getting worse.

You may also consult your GP and access counselling through your Employee Assistance Program, if available.

Remember, the earlier a problem is tackled the less impact it will have!